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I got tagged by both my lovelies: BigRed194 and StoryRPArt

1.) Real Name: Jillian
2.) Nicknames: Jillybean. Cloud. Jill. idk.
3.) Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
4.) Male or Female: Female
5.) Nursery: I've been homeschooled my entire life (aside from my college education ofc). Most of my formative years were spent traveling, so. And my mommy is a teacher. (:
6.) Primary school: Welp
7.) Secondary School: Woohoo
8.) Hair Color: Like my natural hair color or current one? LOL my natural is like...this brownish dark blonde mess...? My current hair color is copper, AKA ginger.
9.) Long or Short: Long or short what? Hair? Mine is to my shoulders. I'm growing it out.
10.) Loud or Quiet: I'm introverted by nature, but when I'm around people I love and care about and trust, and I'm super hype about something, I can be outrageously annoying and my voice is kinda loud regardless. I'll shut right up if I feel awkward, though. Which happens a fair amount of the time.
11.) Sweats or Jeans: Pajama pantssssss pleeeease. But I also like my skinny jeans.
12.) Phone or Camera: Phone. I like being able to contact people at a moment's notice.
13.) Health Freak: I wouldn't say freak? But I dedicated this year to eating better and working out. So far I've stuck to it. I have wicked biceps now.
14.) Drink or Smoke: I drink socially, but that's as far as it goes. And I will never smoke.
15.) Do You Have A Crush On Someone: I mean, I want to marry Ed Sheeran or Harry Styles. Whoever proposes first.
16.) Political orientation: Eh. Politics. Not that I don't have views, I just feel like people jump on your case so quickly when you share them, and I don't care if you hate who I'm potentially voting for.
17.) Piercings: My earlobes and my left ear's cartilage.
18.) Tattoos: I have two so far, and I'm getting another one this Summer. Heck yeeeeeeee.

19.) Airplane: Yeah, a lot of times.
20.) Car Accident: Thank goodness, no.
21.) Fist Fight: Naaah.

22.) First piercing: When I was eighteen. It was for my birthday. Got my earlobes done. LOL
23.) First Best Friend: My friend in my high school years, Amata. We're still close, even if we're in different states now.
24.) First Instrument played: Violin. I don't play anymore tho
25.) First award: I think I won a Bible verse memorizing award at my church program.
26.) First Crush: Elijah Wood.
27.) First Language: English.
28.) First Big Vacation: Disney World when I was like, fourteen? Or something.

29.) Last Person you talked to: I think the last text I received was from imise
30.) Last Person You Texted: :imise:
31.) Last Person You Watched: Uhhh. I mean, I was watching Buzzfeed videos.
32.) Last Food You Ate: Peanut butter sandwich.
32.) Last Movie You Watched: Pitch Perfect 2
34.) Last Song You listened to: Light It Up sung by Das Sound Machine from the Pitch Perfect 2 soundtrack. (best)
35.) Last Thing You Bought: PITCH PERFECT 2 SOUNDTRACK. this is getting repetitive.
36.) Last Person You Hugged: mi madre.

37.) Food: I will try anything once. I just love food. Food is amazing. Food is good.
38.) Drink: Tea. My life's blood.
39.) Clothing: Freaking graphic T's and flannel shirts. ESPECIALLY my red flannel. <3
40.) Book: Uhhh. MY OWN. HAHA no. Probably something. I have a lot of books.
41.) Color: Purple
42.) Flower: I like little yellow flowers idk
43.) Music: I like pop and rock music especially, but I'm not limited to just those.
44.) Movie: Favorite movie? Right now it'd probably be like Big Hero 6.
46.) Subjects: English and psychology.

48.) [x] Celebrated Halloween
49.) [ ] Had Your Heart Broken
50.) [ ] Went Over the Minutes on Your Cell Phone
51.) [x] Someone Questioned Your Sexual Orientation.(this dude thought I was a lesbian because I didn't wanna go out with him <3)
52.) [ ] Used a Weapon
53.) [ ] Breathed fire
54.) [ ] Had an Abortion
55.) [x] Done something you've Regretted
56.) [ ] Broke a Promise
57.) [x] Kept a Secret
58.) [x] Pretended To Be Happy 
59.) [x] Met Someone Who Changed Your Life 
60.) [ ] Pretended To Be Sick 
61.) [ ] Left The Country
62.) [x] Tried something you normally wouldn't like, and liked it 
63.) [x] Cried Over The Silliest Thing 
64.) [ ] Ran a Mile 
65.) [ ] Went To the Beach 
66.) [x] Stayed Single

67.) Eating: Nothing. 
68.) Drinking: Tea.
69.) Getting Ready To: Drink more tea probs.
70.) Listening To: My brother downstairs playing games with his friend.
71.) Plans For Tomorrow/Today: Well, I woke up feeling dreadfully ill, so probably just lay around.
72.) Waiting For: My eagerness to write my story to come back.

73.) Want Kids: Absolutely.
74.) Want To Get Married: Most definitely.
75.) Careers in mind: I'm going to be a substance abuse counselor, but I want to go on with my education so I can also work with people who have eating disorders and other mental illnesses.

76.) Lips or Eyes: I notice eyes first always, but like. people are pretty. Some people have amazing lips. Some have amazing eyes. Why would I assume one is better than the other? Also some have both and then it's just not fair.
77.) Shorter or Taller: I mean, I guess if...this question assumes I'm dating someone, or something, then I'd prefer someone taller than me??? but there are beautiful short people and beautiful tall people. Wtf is this asking me???

78.) Romantic or Spontaneous: See, I'm super spontaneous on my own so if I date a man who is also spontaneous that would be a mess. He needs to be more grounded in that area. So I'm gonna go romantic.
79.) Nice Stomach or Nice Arms: If I am dating this person, then both. B] although I am also not one to shame anyone's body, so like. if you're not toned, that's not a deal breaker for me (because I'm not toned LOL). But big biceps are a total turn on, I will not lie.
80.) Sensitive or Loud: I'm loud enough when I'm hype. So. Sensitive I guess????
81.) Hook-up Or Relationship: Relationship. I'm the kind of person that is not going to do the whole one night stand because I want to be invested in someone.
82.) Troublemaker or Hesitant: is this? Like. Don't push the envelope if I'm not picking up what you're putting down, but...idk.

83.) Lost Glasses/Contacts: Dude. Yes. Struggle.
84.) Ran Away From Home: Nah, I'm scared of being alone. Plus my mom's great.
85.) Held A Weapon, For Self Defense: No
86.) Killed Somebody: Yes. In Dragon Age my kill number is like, in the thousands. (this is a video game people. who would put this as a question???)
87.) Broken Someone's Heart: I mean, maybe the guy who thought I was a lesbian because I wouldn't go out with him? To be fair, I think it was just a stupid male ego thing.
88.) Been Arrested: Nah.

90.) Yourself: Yeah.
91.) Miracles: Yep.
92.) Love at First Sight: I've known it to happen but idk? It's not for everyone.
93.) Heaven: Yes.
94.) Santa Claus: Nope
95.) Magic: Dude, magic tricks are super great.

96.) Is There One Person You Wanna Be With, Right Now: Yes, my cat. But she's left me.
97.) Are You Seriously Happy With Where You Are, In Life: I think so. I'm where I need to be, and that's enough for me.
98.) Are You Happy With The Person You're With: I'm single and happy

99.) I get a lot of my inspiration for writing from video games like Dragon Age and Skyrim and stuff. The amount of lore that is nestled into those games is incredible and it makes me want to write a story as full and interesting as those games are. Plus video games are my ultimate escape from the real world.

100.) POST AS 100 TRUTHS AND TAG FIVE PEOPLE: Nah, just do it if you wanna. It's fun LOL
  • Mood: Tired
  • Listening to: Pitch Perfect 2
  • Reading: nothing
  • Playing: Dragon Age: Inquisition
  • Eating: toast
  • Drinking: tea


Jill Hope
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
I love cosplaying, but I haven't done it in two years. I really miss it and want to return to it. Probably will try to next year.

I'm currently in school. Graduating with an associates degree this year.

And I'm trying to finish a novel and get published. So, there's me.

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Flavia hadn’t taken her eyes off the screen since Jade had been killed. She had to watch out for Alex, she felt like it was her duty. She was able to scrounge up some people who were considering purchasing items to send to him, but they were still hesitant. Flavia knew why.

 Alex was unstable. The loss of Jade was too much for him. Flavia hoped he would have enough strength to get through this regardless, but her hopes were quickly dashed.

District 4 was too strong this year. Ashley defeated Alex. She was quick and nimble and beautiful: all things deadly. Fish was the same. There was no way the other remaining districts stood a chance.

Flavia scowled and got up to swing a fist at the screen she had been watching, but she was promptly stopped by a couple of mentors who were still eagerly watching. She flipped them all off and then stumbled her way over to the bar to order herself a couple dozen drinks. Or until she passed out. Whatever happened first.

She was frustrated that she couldn’t have helped Alex and Jade more, and her lungs were constricting from the sadness that was welling up. She knew she had mocked them for being so close to each other, but she knew what it was like to have a bond like that. She ran her fingers through her hair, and as soon as the glass of...whatever strong alcohol was inside it...was placed in front of her, she downed it as fast as she could and then called for a second. It burned, but it might help burn away some of the sadness and anger that she had at herself for letting them down.

I mean, they let her down too, but she felt that in some sense she had failed them as well.

“Dammit,” Flavia snarled as she slammed her fist on the wooden bar, causing her glass to jump and some of the red alcohol to spill out. She finally took the glass and downed it in one gulp. She didn’t want to feel anymore. She was tired of feeling upset and depressed over losing people, even if they were just dumb kids.

“Too bad about District 2,” a deep voice next to her suddenly spoke. She glanced over and saw a white haired victor. District 1. She knew him, Kyanite or something, but he wasn’t a mentor this year. She wasn’t sure why he was here. “Usually they at least put on a good show.”

“Shut up,” Flavia snapped as she ordered another drink. “Your District did just as bad as mine.”

He shrugged. He seemed generally uninterested in these losses. “I know. It’s because I wasn’t their mentor, honestly,” he sipped a martini. He looked elegant, she had to admit. His skin was flawless, although covered in tattoos. “But if they were too weak, then they were too weak. It’s disgusting, but my money has been on District 4 since the beginning.”

“You don’t even bet on your own district?” she raised an eyebrow.

“Why would I? I’d have lost money,” he shrugged. “Don’t tell me you bet on yours.”

Flavia glanced down at her drink, then sipped a bit more. “Of course I did,” she muttered.

The District 1 victor just chuckled, but there wasn’t anything happy in his tone. He was a weird void of any emotion. “Too bad,” he said with a shrug. “They were only good at playing one part of the game, Starr. They could fight, sure, but they couldn’t use others to their advantage. They got wrapped up in the sex and relationships and thought it was real. Stupid children. They should know better by the time they get here.”

Flavia slammed her drink down and glared at him. “Would you shut up? Do you really talk so badly about those who died?” she snapped.

“They’re just dead,” he said as he glanced at her. “They weren’t worth anything if they couldn’t complete the Games.”

“You must be psychotic,” Flavia said as she shook her head, sipping her drink.

“Not quite,” he replied casually. “But who cares? I won, didn’t I? And my tributes are usually successful.”

“Fuck you, okay?” Flavia got up to leave, becoming irritated. She was tired of hearing his talk.

He reached over and grabbed her arm. “No, stay. I’m curious about you,” he said. “I don’t see you often. You must not spend much time in the Capitol?”

“No,” Flavia said as she pulled her arm away. “I’m not very pretty like you, so they’re not as interested in me. I’m just good for mentoring. Now, if you’ll let me go, I’m going to mourn for my tributes, okay? I actually liked them. Even if they were idiots.”

He licked his lips and then shrugged and sipped his drink. “Mourning is unnecessary,” he said as he got up. “If you mourn every time a tribute dies, you’ll be mourning until the day you die. Don’t you see that as foolish?”

Flavia frowned at him. “I see it as honoring their loss,” she muttered. “I need to find something stronger to drink.” then she turned and started walking away from him. She didn’t need his negativity, she was dealing with enough of her own.

“I know some of the best places to get wasted,” he said as he walked up alongside her. “Since you don’t spend much time in the Capitol, you might need a tour guide.”

Flavia narrowed her eyes, but then she rolled them. “Fine. Show me the best places to forget,” she said with a nod. “Kyanite, right?”

“Ky,” he said with a nod. “I know you already, so there’s no need for proper introductions.”

Flavia shrugged. “You don’t look like the type that’s good at holding their liquor,” he was as thin as a rail. He looked smaller than her.

“You’d be surprised,” he said. “But I don’t mourn my tributes. I don’t mourn anything. So, I’ll just drink to keep you company.”

“Fine,” Flavia said as she made her way out of the lounge where the other mentors still watched and waited to see who would come out on top. She didn’t have any reason to watch anymore. She just wanted to forget that she had failed her tributes, and that Alex had suffered so much before he died.

She just wanted to forget everything.
the broken scene
I just wanted to write some little on Flavia since she's pretty upset how both her tributes got killed. And Ky is my other mentor, and he didn't mentor this year but he totally just hangs around when the Hunger Games are going on. He loves it so much. And they get smashed together and then Victor makes his appearance nine months later.

but aside from that, the important detail is how much she misses her tributes :u lame kids. sobs.

Alex is to StoryRPArt
Jade is to AprilDawson
  The sound of their footsteps echoed as they ran down the empty, damaged streets. It was beginning to rain, just a sprinkle, but Morke didn’t pull the hood of her cape over her head yet.

 She didn’t mind the water spraying on her cheek and letting it soothe the burning of her ear. The cut still burned and what was left of her ear was red. She didn’t want it to get infected, but they had to find safety before she could even think about stopping her feet.

 She couldn’t wait for the night, as well. She wanted to see who had died in the bloodbath. She wanted to know who else was stalking these decrepit streets.

 Tyrone found a place to hide, a good place for shelter. It probably wouldn’t last long, Morke couldn’t imagine they would be allowed to hide for long without consequences, but at least it would be good for the night.

 Morke began digging around in the nearby buildings that seemed to have once been shops, but she didn’t find anything that wasn’t molded or dangerous to consume.

 She felt discouraged, but she just wiped the dirt on her hands off on her pants, and stepped out of the shops. It was dark out now, an ancient and damaged light post bulb flickered eerily overhead, but she looked up at the sky as the names and faces of the fallen began to show.

 So many had fallen, it was incredible. She bit her lip when she saw Connel’s face on the screen. She’d failed him. What if she won and had to go home to face his family? How could she tell them that she had failed their son?

 Pumila had died, too. And Kahli. Hah! Morke wished she could have helped with that kill, honestly, but at least she wasn’t going to go home. Morke felt no remorse for her loss.

 Along with her, Jade was also gone. That meant two Careers were out of the way, but that still left four, and District 4 hadn’t lost either tribute. They were going to be the most dangerous to deal with; the most difficult to destroy.

 Morke began making her way back to the shelter to rest for a little while. She used the edge of her cape to dabbed at the blood on her cheek from her scratch, and dabbed at her sliced ear. She winced and shook her head a bit. It hurt, but it wasn’t bleeding profusely anymore. That was a good sign. Maybe.

 She walked in and sat down next to Tyrone. He had suggested, upon her arrival back, to go and find Emory and Taryn, since they were the only ones left after Pumila’s apparent demise, and perhaps show them this shelter and keep them safe for a time. Morke knew they were never actually going to be safe, believing that lie would only get them killed, but she also thought that was a pretty good idea. With all the Careers still stalking about, it might give Emory and Taryn a better chance of survival.

“We can keep them safe. Like a family,” Tyrone said.

Morke didn’t want to tell Tyrone that she wasn’t going to lose, even if it meant hurting the people she had grown to care about. She wasn’t going to sacrifice herself for anyone. She didn’t want to fall into complacency with them. She knew how it was all going to end. She couldn’t call them a family if she had to kill them.

 She looked at her hands, they were scratched up from her encounter with Laurel. She’d killed someone already. She wondered what Tox thought of her; what her parents thought of her. They were probably proud, glad she was surviving, but they couldn’t be happy about what she’d done. It had been so gruesome. She could still see the blood on her hands, and she knew it wasn’t from the scratches. It was Laurel’s red blood.

 “Let’s just go and do that,” Morke said as she got back up to her feet, dusting her hands on her pants as if to get rid of the stains on her fingers.

 They wandered cautiously down the winding and dark streets. Morke knew they probably should have waited until morning light, but what if it was too late by tomorrow? What if Emory and Taryn got killed, or moved on? They couldn’t waste that kind of time, Tyrone had said.

 It was difficult to see their path, Morke tripped, and almost fell, multiple times along the way, but thankfully she had Tyrone to grab her elbow and steady her when that happened. He was so kind to her, but she didn’t feel that she deserved all of that kindness. She was a killer now, and it hadn’t paralyzed her. She was still willing to do whatever it took to get back home.

 Did that make her terrible? Maybe it did.

 They found the place they had left Taryn and Emory in, and Morke was relieved to still see both of them there. Emory looked absolutely distressed, and Morke took their hand and put an arm around their shoulder to guide them. Tyrone took charge of Taryn, taking their arm and helping them to walk carefully.

 “It’s okay, Emory,” Morke whispered as she helped them find their way back to the new shelter. “We have a safe place to stay for a little while.” she couldn’t help but say those things. Her mothering side was still strong, despite the current circumstances. Kids like Emory and Taryn were just too innocent for all of this. She hated watching them endure such things.

 She wondered if, one day, her son would endure such things.

 She closed her eyes and shook the thought from her head. He was only four years old. She didn’t want to think that far into the future yet.

 They made it back to the shelter with no serious problems. Morke still didn’t feel that they could relax, or be calm, but she watched as Tyrone took care of them and she wanted to do that too, but she didn’t feel like she could. She was too tense, too nervous to sit and try and calm these two innocent souls. She would have to leave it to Tyrone.

 Rest and healing was important, but Morke’s mind was racing and she couldn’t rest properly. Her ear didn’t sting as much anymore, but her bruises had turned black and blue. She didn’t mind so much, though. She was more worried about the fact that she had not seen the other tributes.

 She knew they had to be lurking, they had to be scooping them out. She told Tyrone they should move, but he suggested they stay. Emory still wasn’t acting like themself, and Taryn was still recovering from injuries inflicted during the bloodbath.

 How much longer could they wait before something bad happened?

 Morke started standing watch outside, then. She couldn’t stay inside and hope for the best anymore. She couldn’t keep pretending they were happy and safe, because she knew that wasn’t true.

 How could she pretend to be a family with them when she knew she might one day be holding a knife to their throat, like how she had to Laurel?

 She shifted the spear in her hand. Emory had given it to her, since they wanted nothing to do with it anymore. It had killed Pumila, it had still been stained with Pumila’s blood, but Morke had cleaned it with rain water because she wasn’t afraid of the blood like Emory was.

 She watched the puddles that rippled with the rain and she remembered how much Triste loved to play in the water. Her thoughts were torn from that happy memory in a split second by a loud crack of thunder. She looked up, and the sky began sparking with electricity. This wasn’t like the thunderstorms back home.

 “Tyrone! We need to move,” Morke shouted into the building where they had been hiding. They had been sitting for far too long. Staying still only made them a target. She felt like this thunderstorm was an ominous omen of the things to come.

 There was confusion from Tyrone, Emory, and Taryn, but Morke just grabbed Taryn’s arm. “We need to-!” another crack of thunder and spark of lightning. It made the ground rumble, and the rain began to pour. This wasn’t good. They had to move out, but before she could tell them what to do, Taryn bolted down the street.

 Morke frowned and pursued Taryn, leaving Emory and Tyrone to follow or take their own path. The Hunger Games was going to separate them all sooner or later. Why not sooner? That’s what the gamemakers had to be thinking.

 Well, they were only delaying the inevitable by sitting around the way they had been. She held the spear firmly in her hand as she chased Taryn. Morke wasn’t very fast, but she managed to keep Taryn in her sights. The Capitol wanted a show, so now they would get one.

 Could the gamemakers read her thoughts? Her thoughts about how she had to start killing the other people in this arena so that all of this could end? She knew she was playing into their clawed hands, but she also knew she wanted to go home.

 There was only one way to go home.

 “Taryn!” Morke shouted. Thunder cracked overhead again. Maybe the streets would flood with water and wash everyone away. Her lower legs were soaked from splashing into puddles that were scattered all over the streets.

 She didn’t like the thought of more blood staining her hands, but she didn’t like the thought of not going home, either. Her mind kept bouncing back and forth, but she knew how this was going to end.

 Taryn turned down an alleyway and Morke followed. This might be when it happened. Her heart began pounding at the very thought.

 Taryn stopped as a wall loomed before them, blocking any exit to the alley. Morke stopped a few feet away from them and she took a deep breath. Rain was still pelting her skin and clothes, her hair was wet and hung limply. She didn’t feel strong or powerful at this moment, but she knew she was. She had to be.

 “Taryn, I’m sorry,” Morke started. “There’s only one way out, right?”

 Taryn looked confused; uncertain. Morke didn’t want to betray their trust, but she had to.

 “I didn’t want to do this, but we have to, right? I want to go home,” Morke stepped forward, holding the spear. Taryn backed into the wall, looking like a small, cornered animal. “I can try to make it painless.” she was eager for the end. She had to hurry up the process, even if it meant killing innocent people. She’d already killed Laurel, she couldn’t believe she’d actually done it, but her determination to see her son again gave her the drive. The killing drive.

 Taryn ran before Morke could make a move, making an attempt to run past her in a last ditch effort for freedom, but Morke turned quickly and the spear’s sharp end caught Taryn’s side, causing a deep, cruel cut in their side and making Taryn scream out as they continued forward by momentum only, eventually tripping and falling to the hard ground.

 Morke felt extreme guilt rush through her body as she watched Taryn curled up on the ground, gripping their side with bloody fingers. Morke had promised it would be painless, and yet here she was causing Taryn so much pain.

 “Taryn-” but before she could say anything, Taryn was trying to get up to continue to move away from her. She had to stop this. Morke didn’t want Tyrone or Emory to see what she had done. She hoped she wouldn’t have to kill them, either.

 It was easy to keep up with Taryn now, they were weak and unable to run, and Morke stepped over and eventually crouched down and grabbed the back of Taryn’s uniform to keep them still. She wanted to apologize, to say something to ease this moment, but there was nothing that she could say.

 Taryn trusted her, but she wasn’t to be trusted.

 Morke adjusted the spear in her hand and then she slowly stood up. She didn’t want to be close to Taryn when they died. She put her foot on Taryn’s back to hold them still, which she felt was terrible and gruesome but she knew no other way to keep Taryn in place, and then she held the spear up, aiming it at their back.

 She closed her eyes, no goodbyes, and she stabbed the spear down at Taryn’s back. The scream that pierced the sky, louder than the thunderstorm above, caused her to flinch and pull the spear back quickly. She fell off balance, nearly falling completely over, because she was so flustered and overwhelmed. She couldn’t believe what she had just done.

 And Taryn wasn’t even dead yet. The cannon didn’t sound. Taryn was still writhing on the ground in pain, crying out. She had to make it stop, she had to help Taryn. This was the only way she could help Taryn now.

 Morke aimed for Taryn’s head now, her hands shaking. It was going to be terrible, but she had to. She couldn’t let it go on like this.

“I’m sorry!” she exclaimed as she looked away and then stabbed their skull with the sharp spear. The loud crack made her entire body cringe and she released the spear and stepped back.

 She stumbled until she was against the alley wall and she closed her eyes, sitting down and pressing her palms against her face to prevent tears. The cannon sounded a moment later. Taryn was definitely gone, and she was definitely a murderer.

 “B-but it’s o-one less, right? I’m a-almost home,” Morke whispered, her lower lip quivering a bit.

 She took a long moment before she could finally breathe a bit easier, and she took her spear back from Taryn’s corpse. She knew she’d need it again. Her entire body was shivering from the cold rain and from her shock at what had just happened.

 She was responsible for Taryn’s death. She was going to have to live with that, if she survived this.

 She walked out of the alleyway and she looked around. There was no sign of Emory or Tyrone, and she was glad for that, honestly. She knew she couldn’t face either of them again. She was going to have to just go on her own, find some shelter until the rain let up, and then move on and keep killing until she could go home.

 It wasn’t a sound plan, but it was the only plan she had. The only friend she was going to have in this Game was this spear in her hand. This was all she had, and all she needed.
Round 2: Fight or Flight
I'm always the first one, I know, but I can't help myself LOL I'm going to be really busy in the next couple of weeks so I gotta do it. Plus I couldn't edit it anymore. It is what it is now.

Morke gained a new spear. She did not end up with anymore physical injuries. Just emotional ones.

I'm not too sure what else to put here. I'll potentially add more later. Morke is trying to keep this attitude of moving forward, because she just wants to go home. She knows it's terrible, but there's no other way. </3 So.....yeah, sorry.


Taryn belongs to BigRed194
Tyrone is to misterstevens
Emory is to OCT-Willpower

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