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Merry almost Christmas to those of you who celebrate Christmas. Happy Holidays to everyone who celebrates other totally awesome holidays. Rock n roll.

On top of that, there is only a week and five days until :iconthehungergamesoct: is finished accepting apps! So, if you're feeling like you wanna join but you're not sure, I'd suggest just go for it. We've gotten a lot of amazing applicants, but we can always use more. And don't forget to apply as a mentor or a Capitol citizen because we want a well rounded bunch! So, come on over and have some fun.
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Jill Hope
Artist | Student | Photography
United States
Personal Quote: "My biggest fear is to live life without making an impact on the world."

I have two tumblr blogs. One is fandom based: thesassyfletchkiss
My second one is photography based: ironicparadox2

Also! I may not always go to your page and thank you for a fave, but trust me. I'm so, so, so grateful for your faves and such. <3 I just some times don't have time to thank all the lovely people for the faves. However, I will always respond to a comment! So leave your comments and such. :'D Thanks for everything, dA community <3

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Marcellus loved a good party, and today was one of the best parties he’d ever been invited to, especially for his socialite status and work status.

The biggest party before the Hunger Games had begun, and here he was! Ah, Marcellus was so happy, especially since he was District 4’s escort this year and honestly, they were going to be a big deal.

All the Careers were a big deal, of course, but from the balcony where he was standing with his other Capitolite friends, and he could see the lovely District 4’s all making themselves pretty well known.

Jaqueline, or Fish as he seemed to want to be called for some god awful reason that Marcellus couldn’t figure out, was busy chatting up the little nobody from District 5 and then eventually the boy from District 2 showed up and then it basically turned into one of those TV shows he so enjoyed watching. Romantic and sappy and sexy. Aw, young people engaging in sexual conquests. Beautiful.

Then, of course, Ashley showed up and headed straight to the female careers from 2 and 1. She looked absolutely delightful, for one, and was always quite stunning, but on top of that she was just- she was just cute. I mean, there was definitely a killer in there, but she was so cute. The Capitol was going to adore them both, and he was going to make sure they had all the sponsors they needed.

“You see the District 4 tributes?” Marcellus asked as he nudged Charlotte, who was standing next to him. “They’re the ones you’re gonna want to put your money on, and if they can’t convince you, then I’m going to make sure I do.”

Marcellus was very convincing, and since he wanted to eventually get a promotion to be the escort for District 1, he was going to make sure his tributes got lots of sponsors and as much support as possible. He smirked to himself as he thought about how little the other escorts seemed to be doing for their own tributes, and also how annoying the rest of the tributes were.

I mean, District 1 and 2 were fine, of course, but the other ones. Ick. Not suitable or fab, at all.

And just as he was thinking that, a bunch of the tributes from the lower districts showed up on the balcony. What the actual hell. Marcellus put on a fake smile and then quickly excused himself. He had better things to do than stand near the kids that were sticky from having punch thrown on them, and he wanted to say a quick goodbye to his lovely tributes before he headed out for the evening- ah, but Fish was likely busy with 2, and Ashley was still with the other cute lesbians. Ah, well. Maybe he’d talk to them tomorrow. He’d gushed about them enough for tonight.

Marcellus was busy, anyway. He had two friends with benefits waiting for him at his penthouse, and he wasn’t exactly going to make them wait for too long before showing up. He didn’t want them to get started without him, and he also had to make sure they sponsored his tributes. He couldn’t help that he mixed work and play sometimes.

He waved a quick goodbye to the mentors, who were all too grumpy for his taste honestly, and then he looked fondly at Andre Henderson, who was a big deal, and he was the father of Silvain Henderson who was probably one of the hottest in Marcellus’s book (He couldn't count how many times he'd dreamed about him, whoops), and finally he was off.

An evening well spent.
Work and Play
So, there was a chat event last night and I meant to include Marcellus, but I had to go to bed. :I but he was definitely there. Just chillin. Watching his tributes and gushing over them to sponsors and whatnot. He works really hard ok

Work hard, play hard :heart:


Andre, Silvain and Ashley belong to - kaalashnikov
Charlotte belongs to - Victoriasrenaissance
Fish is to - Espyrn
Tox Mercer + lots of text by HopefulCloud
Tox Mercer + lots of text
I felt lazy so I only did a headshot, but here's Morke Hurd's boyf. He's actually a winner, even if she doesn't love him or whatever. He's cute and I heart him a lot :heart: He is The Baby Daddy. And he loves his son a lot, he's a good daddy.

His parents died when he was nine years old. His mother died suddenly, and he was never told what happened to her, and his father eventually died from having worked in the mines for so long and getting "black lung" from breathing in all that coal dust. Ferox raised him willing, being a very kind older brother, but when he was reaped at age 17 that left Tox to really manage on his own.

Tox became friends with Morke, and he was taken care of, limitedly, by her family for a short time- until he got Morke pregnant at 14 years old and then the both of them were shunned and they lived in Tox's home. He's very loyal to her, and worked hard to try and make ends meet and dun da da da~ she had their son, Triste, and they were pretty happy together even if Morke's only with him because he's the baby daddy. LOL she doesn't like how affectionate he is ughhhh so needy

But that's it. the end.

And that's pretty much it. He is the boyf of Morke Hurd, from District 12, who is in :iconthehungergamesoct: which is starting up again and is super exciting! Yay! that's all.

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