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1. For the first 15 people who comment on this journal, (or however many people bc I have like 2 watchers lolsob) I will feature one of their characters I like the most and comment my choice. (I will go to your gallery and pick one character and one picture I like, you don't need to tell me which one)
2. If you comment, please do the same in your journal, and put me in the first feature slot. The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone! I feature you after you made the journal.

1. BigRed194
D9 Mentor Sheet- Trashbag by BigRed194
I love Tyler and always will. He's tragic, being a victor and all that. He's mean, but considering all he's been through I am so good with it LOL anyway, yeah. Love him.
44th hunger games: Hestia Rose by LDYBG8
Hestia Rose is stylistically very appealing. I haven't seen her much in action yet, but I can tell that I will like her very much LOL She seems like a cool type of lady, and I can totally get behind that.
3. Rosli
That Douche Everyone Adores by Rosli
THIS IS PROBABLY PRETTY OBVIOUS TBH BUT HE'S MY TRUE BABY. my one true baby. I adore Noah and his douche bag status, and how much he cares for Richter and Percy and the few people he decides to grace with that loving side of his. Plus Richter and Noah's back and forth banter is one of my favorite things, and his chemistry with Percy is just GAH. I love him. I could gush over him for hours. :heart:
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Jill Hope
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Personal Quote: "My biggest fear is to live life without making an impact on the world."

I have two tumblr blogs. One is fandom based: thesassyfletchkiss
My second one is photography based: ironicparadox2

Also! I may not always go to your page and thank you for a fave, but trust me. I'm so, so, so grateful for your faves and such. <3 I just some times don't have time to thank all the lovely people for the faves. However, I will always respond to a comment! So leave your comments and such. :'D Thanks for everything, dA community <3

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Screaming. There was always screaming going on in her house. Her mother was shouting at their father, or else making snide comments and being generally passive aggressive about things, or she was shouting at one (or all) of her five daughters. The daughters grew up knowing nothing else but this, all of the anger and need to be heard above any other voices, but their father could be heard, too.

He would tell them to protect themselves. Defend themselves from the unsavory types that were in their district. Mostly he’d warn about the peacekeepers, that sometimes they don’t keep their hands to themselves, and his daughters were pretty. Nothing extraordinary, but once you looked beyond the layers of dirt that couldn’t be scrubbed out of their skin, they were pretty.

Needless to say, the daughters took these things to heart. The screaming, the fighting, the brawling. If Mira gave any sort of look to Tonya, then she might end up with a broken nose. It had happened before.

Morke was in the middle of the chaos, and she never felt like she belonged. She tried to get close to the older two, Mira and Tonya, but they wouldn’t let her. They called her names, put her down, and mocked her any time they got the chance. Morke stopped trying after Tonya pulled out a clump of her hair during a fight after school. She hated them then.

So then she tried to get close to the younger two. She took care of them, and watched out for them, but Iva and Tanna were close in age and they got along better. They turned into vicious monsters that fed off of each other, and they spewed their poisonous words at Morke too often.

“You’re a whore,” one would say, which would make the other laugh.

“Where did you even hear that word? You don’t call people that!” Morke shouted back. But they never cared, and their mother adored her ‘babies’ so much that she never reprimanded them, and their father was a pushover that spent all day in the mines and never had the energy to deal with them once they were home.

It was hell, but it was all Morke knew.

She was deprived of affection and attention, but she didn’t know if she wanted it, anyway. When she walked anywhere she stared at the ground and tried to avoid eye contact and keep to herself. It seemed safest that way, since her father had filled her head with so many worries.

But when she was home, and her sisters weren’t fighting for once, she would lay in the bed that she had to share with Tonya and Mira, and she’d listen to their stories about boys and what it was like to be kissed and have sex. Sometimes she wished she didn’t have to hear, but when she’d lay there quietly and listen she started to wonder what it would be like if she had a boyfriend? Would it make her feel better? More confident? Maybe if she had one, then her older sisters would like her.

There was a lot to consider.

And it only took one night. The next morning she was determined to find someone to make her boyfriend, and it was a pretty easy decision. Tox Mercer had been her friend since his brother died in the Hunger Games. He’d lived briefly under their roof while he was recovering from the loss, but her mother was unwilling to have another mouth to feed and he was kicked out pretty swiftly. Morke never abandoned him, though, and she kept him company in the lonely shack that had been left to him.

He had to be the perfect candidate to be her boyfriend.

So, she went to his house to keep him company, as she usually did. He was always cheerful, despite the miserable circumstances he was left in, and his company was much different than the company of her family. She wasn’t sure she liked it- too quiet, really- but she liked him. He was a cute boy, anyway.

She flirted with him and it was easy. He needed affection, too. He clung onto each word she said, and he believed it was the entire truth. When he kissed her for the first time, she felt like maybe what her sister’s were saying made sense. Kissing was fun and it felt good, it made her heart race and her cheeks get warm. She could get used to this.

“You really like me?” he’d ask.

“Yeah, I like you,” she said. She was glad he didn’t say love. She wasn’t sure she could ever love him. Or anyone, for that matter. Love was something she didn’t understand. It felt like weakness.

She made it a habit of going over to his house after school. It didn’t take long before they were kissing with new passion and it lead them farther than they were ready for. It hurt, but it was fun. She understood why her sisters talked about it so much now.

But she didn’t realize that there’s consequences that come with it. Of course she didn’t know right away, but her body started to change and feel different, and she felt sick all the time. At first she was convinced that she was dying, and her mother became worried for her health, but then Mira, the only sister that was somewhat decent towards her, told her what was going on.

“You’re pregnant, Morke,” she whispered one day while they were sitting outside.

“I am not,” Morke snapped at her.

“Tox is worried about you. He told me,” Mira said as she looked up at the clouds in the sky.

She felt betrayed. That was supposed to be her private business. Why would he tell her sister?

“I’m not pregnant. Only grown ups get pregnant,” she muttered as she hugged her knees.

“That’s not true,” Mira snorted. “Girls who have sex with boys get pregnant.”

Morke looked at her. “Then what about you and Tonya?”

Mira raised an eyebrow. “I don’t have sex with men. I’ll let you figure that one out on your own, and if you tell mom I’ll beat you up,” she threatened. “And Tonya doesn’t have that much sex, honestly? She’s all talk. And lucky, I guess.”

Morke was scared now. She couldn’t have a baby, she was still young. Her mother would kill her, and her father would be so disappointed. What was she going to do?

Keep it a secret, of course. For as long as she could.

But once her stomach started showing and she couldn’t cover it up anymore, her mother began demanding answers and when she revealed what had happened, she was instantly thrown out and was informed if she wanted to go out and get pregnant while being unmarried, then she had no place in her home.

There was no love. No kindness. Not from her family.

But Tox was there to offer his hand and give her a home. He was the kind one. But she figured he only offered his home because of the baby. That made sense.

But even after the baby arrived, he still said things like, “I love you.” but she still didn’t feel the same about him. She loved her son. From the moment she first held him, she discovered love.

“He’s perfect,” she said as she held him. He was so small. A button nose and sleepy eyes. His hands were tiny, and he cried a lot, but whenever he was in her arms he was quiet. He needed her, and she never wanted to let him go.

“You’re going to be a great mom,” Tox said gently. He was still kind, even after the baby was born. It didn’t make sense, but she was glad he was there. That he continued to support her, since her family didn’t care.

Well, her mother wanted to come around and look at the baby and hold him. Morke didn’t trust her, though. She figured that she wanted to steal Triste from her. And her sisters were still obnoxious. Iva and Tanna called her a slut, and Tonya took any moment to flirt with Tox and try to get to him, which was weird. Mira was the only one who was different. Somewhat. She still called her names around the family, but when she was alone she liked holding Triste and was...kinda nice. At least she wasn’t trying to get to Tox. And wasn’t trying to steal her baby.

She didn’t care what they thought of her, because she was happy for the first time in her entire life.

She still hated most of the world, but she loved one thing now. Her son. And that’s all she needed.
Rose garden filled with thorns
Uh, I dunno. Felt like doing a little backstory about her family and stuff. I haven't been feeling super inspired but I'm trying to make myself write anyway. So, that's pretty much it.

Morke found that training was distracting with all of these people around. Sometimes she wished she could just be alone, except for maybe Tyrone. She liked having Tyrone around. And she didn’t mind watching the little ones. But she could do without all the loud Careers. Ashley was the only one who hadn’t bothered her, but Morke didn’t know anything about her. She couldn’t trust her.

But she was sitting in front of the screen to learn more plant identification. She felt like this was important, because she had to survive against everyone here and she knew she wasn’t going to be able to fight them all. She was going to have to outlast them all.

She was much better at remembering this time. She picked up on what wasn’t edible and what was a lot faster, and she smirked a bit. She was proud of herself.

While she worked she kept looking around. She watched the “little ones”, which consisted of Emory, Connel, and Taryn mostly. Pretty much any tribute that wasn’t a Career and that was younger than her. She wanted them all to be okay, but she knew she couldn’t even consider that.

She had to win this. And there could only be one winner.

And with that depressing thought she went back to studying the names of edible plants. Maybe she didn’t know what kind of environment they would be thrust into in the arena, but she felt that she would be prepared when the time came.

She had no choice, she had to be prepared.
Training Week 2: Morke Hurd
I dunno, this is stupidly short but I didn't know what else to add to it. She learns more about plant identification this week! And worries about babies and Tyrone. The usual.

The Dawn Will Come by HopefulCloud
The Dawn Will Come
I've been really inspired to draw lately but I still really struggle with the fact that my artwork is never going to be what I really want. Oh well! I gotta get over it LOL but these are two of my three Inquisitors from Dragon Age: Inquisition. Which is currently my favorite game and probably always will be (Aside from FFX and VII and the Fatal Frame series. It goes right next to those gems)

Now, since any elves one plays are from the Lavallan clan I decided that the two boys I have are related. (I say half-brothers, but yeah. Same mother, different dads) and obviously any time I play it's a new universe with a new Inquisitor, so they don't get to be inquisitors together LOL but they would still be in the world supporting each other somehow. Anyway, stupid ramblings. (also they look WAY nicer in game. this link shows Zen, the one on the right with the short hair:… and another inquisitor who is not an elf. I'll add Zaim later)


Zaim: (long hair) he's kind of a prick, really. He's a mage, but also Dalish so that's not exactly a problem, but he loves to push the boundaries if he ever gets the chance to. Scaring a couple of humans because he can run around with magic is a good time to him. He will also take any opportunity to get away from the clan, not far but enough that he'd get scolded for it. He's basically the golden boy to his mother, though, and he likes that he's treated more importantly than Zen. He just feeds off of attention. He probably couldn't live without it.
-When Zen is the Inquisitor, Zaim is really jealous but he wants to join the Inquisition so he can feel important, too. Of course the clan says no and he stays.
-When Zaim is the Inquisitor, he is obnoxious and a bit power hungry. He's not in it for his clan, he's in it for the fame and the hot babes and dudes that come along with it. Namely a Tevinter mage named Dorian tbh. How scandalous.

Zen: (short hair) he's kind-hearted at his very core. He'd do anything for his clan, and to try and help the Dalish throughout Thedas, but the other races are in dire need too, so obviously when he becomes an Inquisitor he is out to save the world and seek peace and all that cheesy stuff. He sounds too good to be true, but he's just very gentle and pretty much the opposite of his younger brother. His father was killed when he was five years, so he doesn't remember much but he does remember that humans were the cause of it. He dedicated himself to becoming a rogue and protecting his clan. He tries to watch out for Zaim, but really he's just impossible, so he doesn't try too hard.
-When Zen is the Inquisitor, he's the super good guy and spokesperson for the Dalish. He always tries to do the right thing, but his heart really breaks over how many have been lost because of the war that's going on, but he knows there's a bigger picture and he has to stay strong until the end. Then he can mourn all who have been lost.
-When Zaim's the Inquisitor, Zen supports him completely but remains with the clan in order to keep them safe while all the chaos is going on.

This is all ramblings of my own. No one has to read. I made two elves in Inquisition and I'm just silly.

Inquisition belongs to bioware, I think. so I don't own that.

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