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Fatal Frame - The Lost by HopefulCloud
Fatal Frame - The Lost
It's been a long time, but I'm very excited to have recently discovered that Fatal Frame V is going to happen on the WiiU, and my excitement for another addition to my favorite game series allowed me to create my characters from the first three games in the series. (I do have an OC from the fourth game, but I don't have a set idea of how I want her to look so I excluded her this time)

Fatal Frame V looks absolutely incredible. It looks so different, environmentally, and the fact that water is a big theme of the game is going to be terrifying, I just know it. but in an amazing way, of course. I'm absolutely excited!!!! I mean, I can't stop thinking about what the story of this new game is going to be like. I love the stories, I just want more info. Already it's so tantalizing, though. And the graphics look amazing.

Anyway! From left to right -

Chihiro - Fatal Frame. She was a child who lived in the Himuro Mansion as her parents were servants of the family where she was eventually lost.
Tatsuru and Ozuru - Fatal Frame 2. They were Altar Twins, and as symbolized by the butterfly (terribly drawn) on Ozuru's shoulder, Tatsuru was sacrificed for the ritual.
Ishiko and Rikuyo - Fatal Frame 2. They were twins set for the ritual, but Ishiko died suddenly before the ritual and that caused Rikuyo's hair to become white from grief of the loss and she has always been shamed for not completing the ritual to save the village.
Akiho - Fatal Frame 3. Akiho was a Handmaiden long before the events that took place in the game. She often visited the Manor of Sleep after being a Handmaiden there, and was eventually lost in the Manor forever.

And that's them. I will eventually draw my Fatal Frame 4 character, and then obviously there will be another addition with Fatal Frame V coming into play. I can't make anything yet, not until I know more, but I'm absolutely excited. I'm such a nerd.
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: violence/gore)

“The sound of the wind is whispering in your head,
can you feel it coming back?
Through the warmth, through the cold,
Keep running ‘til we’re there,
We’re coming home now,
We’re coming home now.”

- Dotan


It wasn’t an easy walk, or swim, to get back to his island. He’d promised to meet Tony back here, so he went and found a tree that was surrounded by bushes and he sat next to it. He was crying, because his shoulder and arm wounds had been exposed to salt water and he didn’t know how to fix it. He didn’t have anything to really cover the wounds with, but he’d removed what was left of his right sleeve and just pressed it against the deepest wound, which was the one in his shoulder. He closed his eyes, his brow furrowed, and rested his head back against the tree. He wished Tony would hurry up and get here. He figured a little help would be good to get him back to...some kind of health. He was scared he’d get an infection and die, and that was a very real possibility. He knew a lot about injuries, thanks to his mother.

Ugly buzzing insects seemed to circle around him, and he had a feeling the heat was actually going to kill him before any infection would. He hadn’t had a drink of water in a long time, and this was starting to get serious.

That was when he heard a soft beeping sound and he opened his eyes, leaning away and looking over to the sound, where a small package was floating down to him. His eyes widened and he eagerly grabbed the package and tore it open. Food rested inside and he smiled a bit, because he hadn’t eaten either, and he hadn’t explored enough to know if there was even anything to eat in this damn jungle. He started stuffing his face with the food, wishing he could have had some water as well, and then he noticed a note. He raised an eyebrow and picked it up.

‘Stay alive, idiot.’ Ah, clearly from Tyler. So loving. So kind. Alec just rolled his eyes and tossed the note away, finishing off his food even as his stomach growled violently. Alec wasn’t sure what to do with himself, in all honesty. Sure, he’d just somewhat fixed one problem; his hunger, but he still had plenty of problems left. His wounds, the lack of drinkable water, and the list just went on. A man could survive without a meal for much longer than he could survive without water. He knew he was going to have to get up and go looking, but he had to wait for Tony first. He’d do it when the night had past.

Hours had gone by, and suddenly the fanfare that announced the deaths of tributes to be shown for all to see went off. Alec opened his eyes, he felt weaker than he had a few hours ago, which concerned him, but he just leaned over to see up to the stars. Faces flashed by, he recognized all of them. Calypso? Seriously? All of the Careers were gone. That was incredible. He smirked a bit, proud to be one of the tributes that had contributed to getting rid of the lot of them. Now only the underdogs were in the arena. Him and Tony were definitely going to-

That was when Tony’s face lit up the sky. He just stared, his mouth slowly dropping open, and the face that he knew so well disappeared and moved onto another tribute he didn’t care about. Because he didn’t care about anyone else.

“It’s mistaken…” Alec muttered slowly. Tony couldn’t be dead, he just saw him a little bit ago. They promised to meet up again. Alec had defended him from Walter. His heart started pounding loudly in his ears and tears stung at the corners of his eyes. No, he couldn’t waste what water was left in his body on tears, and yet he had to cry. He could waste that water on Tony.

“ god…I let you down, I thought I was protecting you, but I let you down..” Alec muttered as his tears built up and then slowly trickled down his cheeks. Someone must have attacked Tony while he was trying to get away. That...that’s what happened. It was his fault. It was Alec’s fault. Everything was Alec’s fault. He always loses the people he cares about, because he’s foolish and selfish. He felt like he was choking as the realization dawned on him, unable to breathe despite all the oxygen around, and he couldn’t believe Tony was gone. Tony was gone. He fell forward and then screamed against the moist, dirt ground, “No!” he cried as he pounded his fist. “No, no, no, no!” he continued to cry out, sadness truly overwhelming all of his senses.

“You’re bad luck, Alec.”

“If you weren’t so selfish-”

“You are, and always will be, a mistake.”

He didn’t care if anyone heard him. He couldn’t stop this onslaught of tears and grieving. Tony was all he had in this stupid arena. Tony was supposed to be the victor.

“You’re a bad omen.”

“What’s that even mean, Dad?”

“It means you’re no good. Anything you touch turns to rot. That’s why you keep getting yourself in these bad situations and getting in trouble.”

He laid still on the ground now, his eyes burning from his salty tears. “I’m sorry! I’m sorry...I should never have been your friend,” he said brokenly. Then he rubbed his eyes with the back of his hand. “oh god, I’m so sorry. It’s all my fault.”

Had Tony called for him? Had he expected Alec to come and rescue him? He died alone, and Alec couldn’t handle that, either. He didn’t even get to say goodbye, or comfort Tony in his last moments. Of course, that was a rarity for anyone in the arena, but he still couldn’t...he wished he could have been there. He wished he could have held him before he died.

He couldn’t move, he could barely even breathe, and he wondered if he’d be dead by morning. Something was broken inside of him, but he wasn’t sure what. He knew he couldn’t fix it, so he just closed his eyes. If he was alive come morning, then he’d go find water, or something. If not, then whatever. No one expected much of him, anyway.

He gasped, opening his eyes as the world seemed to be shaking him awake. He took in his surroundings quickly and then sat up, but by then the shaking had stopped. He had no idea what that meant, but it made him a little nervous. It was early morning, rain was beginning to trickle down, and it was still cool and he was still under the bushes and next to the tree. He put his hand to his forehead, depression suddenly weighing down on his entire body as he remembered that Tony was gone, and he was alone now. He was much more clear headed this morning, however, and despite his great sadness over Tony’s loss, he realized he had to win. He wasn’t sure how, but he’d figure that out later.

“I guess I better find water,” he muttered in a hoarse tone of voice as he slowly got to his feet. Only five tributes remained, so that meant he was relatively safe on this large island. At least, from other tributes. He had no idea about the wildlife here, and as he walked the ground shuddered underneath his feet again. He hesitated until the rumbling stopped and then he kept moving forward cautiously. He also noted that the rain began coming down ever heavier. This was turning out to be a bleak day, in all honesty.

As he walked, he started to feel anger itching at the corners of his mind. It was trying to push his own self-loathing aside, and it brought in a new voice. One that was telling him that one of the tributes left here killed his Tony, took his best friend away, and he had to kill them and win for Tony. He needed to be the victor if Tony wasn’t, in honor of his lost companion. The voice wasn’t very strong, but Alec listened. He was just too tired to really feel any motivation. And the almost constant rumbling under his feet was making him nervous, and agitated, so he wasn’t sure what emotion to deal with first.

He wasn’t sure how long he walked for, because he almost felt like a depressed zombie, until he heard the sound of water splashing. His footsteps quickened, he tripped as he moved through the jungle, until he finally stumbled upon a small pool with a small waterfall. His eyes narrowed and he looked around, and then inspected the water. He crouched down and then cupped his hands and dipped them in the water, and then finally brought the water up to his lips. He sipped the water and was relieved when he discovered it was fresh water. He instantly started drinking as much as he could stand, the cold water coating his throat and insides and sending a chill down his spine. He felt like he just wanted to sit here and stay here until the other tributes killed each other, but he knew that wasn’t an option. He did feel revived, despite the exhaustion and depression, and he felt his resolve slowly returning.

“I have to win this, I promised him that a long time ago,” he muttered. “even though he deserved the win more than I do, I have to win now. I’m the only D9 left.” he cupped his hands with water again and then splashed his face, despite the fact that he was already soaked from the tropical rain storm that seemed to have descended upon the arena, and he took the time to gently clean the disgusting, crusted blood from his serious injuries so he could get a good look at how bad things were for him. The cut on his arm was gross, as he looked at it he became worried for infection, and his shoulder wound was very deep. He probably had some serious muscle damage, or something. He just wrapped his sleeve around his shoulder wound again, tying the rope coil around his shoulder just enough to keep the sleeve in place over his wound, and then he glanced at his arm again. He didn’t have any protection for that, but...he did have another sleeve he could remove.

He sighed and then removed his right sleeve and then slipped it over his left arm. That way, at the very least, the wound was covered and safer from infection. Unless one had set in already.

Then he heard a rustling behind him and he whipped around quickly. Something big was nearby and he held his knife protectively in front of himself and glared. “Fuck you!” he shouted at...well, whatever it was. He didn’t even know, but he didn’t care anymore. “if you’re a tribute, you better start running because I’ve got nothing to lose anymore!” he didn’t. Without Tony, he didn’t have anyone to protect, or watch out for. If he died, he’d just lose his ability to be a victor. Which, he did want, but even that didn’t overcome how much more important Tony had been to him. He was going to kill anyone who dared face him, because any one of them could have been Tony’s killer. And he wasn’t afraid of killing anymore. Not the people in here.

Then he heard a growl, and he realized whatever he had just shouted at was definitely not a tribute. More rustling and he realized whatever monster lay in those bushes was likely going to attack him, so he turned and he started running. He heard something akin to a roar and then he realized that it was in pursuit. The sound of the foliage being ripped apart as this monster chased him, and was getting closer, sent him into shocking fear. He was so stupid. He wasn’t even going to get a chance to avenge Tony and win this whole damn game.

He ran and ran, swerving and trying to reach the beach again. Maybe if he got to the water, then the monster would leave him alone. Or maybe if he climbed one of these trees. He looked up, and he knew with his bad arm it wasn’t going to be easy, but he launched himself at the nearest tree and he used whatever vines or branches that hung out to pull himself higher and out of danger, but as he looked down he saw that the monster chasing him was actually a giant cat that was sleek and black and probably hungry. And could definitely climb.

The panther roared at him, slashing at the bark on the tree. Alec grimaced and felt the ground rumbling again and he gripped the tree branch harder so he wouldn’t be shaken from the tree. He winced a little, he could feel his entire left arm throbbing from the pain. But he couldn’t die here. He had to fend off this stupid animal.

He held his knife firmly in his right hand, watching the cat as it jumped up, gripping the bark of the tree and trying to climb up to him with a frightening speed. Alec shouted at the panther, not really anything that made words but just something he hoped would spook it or something, and when that didn’t work and the panther’s giant paw slashed inches away from his foot, he leaned down and stabbed the cat’s paw, causing it to roar and release it’s grip on the tree, landing firmly on the ground.

That’s when more rustling could be heard. Alec’s heart started pounding loudly in his ears and he looked up to see two more dark, sleek shapes making their way over to the panther that was limping and favoring it’s now wounded paw. Alec knew he had to get out of here, but they were surrounding the tree he was sitting in, and there was no possible way out. If he jumped down, he was positive he couldn’t outrun three of these panthers. The beach wasn’t too far from his location, he could hear the waves even from here, but with the ground muddy and slick, he wasn’t sure what to do. He just watched them, hoping they might all try the same move so if he stabbed their paws as well, maybe they wouldn’t be able to catch him. Or maybe he’d just piss them off so much, nothing would stop them from killing him. Either way, he was still stuck for now.

Thunder rumbled, the ground shook, and the giant cats roared and growled at him as they continued to try and find a way to get him out of the tree. Finally, one was bold enough to climb up again. Alec held his knife, waiting for it to slash at his foot so that he could stab it’s paw, but things never turn out the way Alec wants them to.

The giant cat seemed to recognize what he was trying to do, and moved it’s paw faster than he could stab. Alec’s eyes widened as he was now vulnerable, since he was leaning over and a little off balance, and as he tried to pull himself back into the tree, the cat jumped up, grabbing him by his right forearm and then pulling him from his perch.

Alec crashed to the ground, crying out as he felt like he’d broken a rib, or two, during the fall and his arm was bleeding from the teeth of the cat, and he struck quickly at the creature's face so it would let him go, and with a roar it certainly did but the damage had already been done. Fantastic. He got up, barely able to catch his breath from the fall, and he saw them ready to pounce, especially the injured ones who clearly had a need for revenge.

“No!” he shouted angrily as he started picking up any rocks he could find and throwing them as hard as he could at the creatures. Of course he couldn’t throw too hard, since both arms were weak and wounded at this point, but he continued to throw the rocks in hopes to prove that he wasn’t one to be messed with and he wasn’t going to go down easily. The cats hissed and roared, their ears pressing back against their heads as they continued to get more and more angry. Alec wasn’t sure that what he was doing was helping at all, but it’s all he could do.

Then the cat jumped before he could turn or even think, and Alec just closed his eyes and held his knife pointed towards the creature, hoping it might fall on the knife. He felt himself crash onto the ground again and his knife sunk deeply into the chest of the panther, but it didn’t seem to stop the creature. It just seemed to make it more angry.

He felt like he was covered in blood, the claws of the creature grazing his chest as he tried to fight him off, and blood was running down the side of his face because something had happened to his ear, but he finally got the strength to stab the creature again, and that’s when it finally roared and jumped back, and at that moment the ground started to shake again and this seemed to distract the panthers briefly, and he got up and started to run. He didn’t have any breath, he felt like he was basically torn into pieces, and yet somehow his body kept running. Survival was pushing him forward, and he couldn’t take this anymore.

The mud under his feet caused him to slip on more than one occasion, and every part of his body ached. He was soaking wet and freezing, and he felt like he was broken. What was going on? Was this the hellish end of the Games? Or was there still a long time ahead of him, because he wasn’t sure he’d be able to survive much longer without medical attention.

That’s when he arrived on the beach and he saw the waves crashing on the sand violently, and the dark clouds pouring rain all across the landscape. He couldn’t swim, and the shallows looked just as dangerous as the deep water, and with both arms in pain and the scratches on his chest, he just had a feeling he wasn’t going to make it.

”But you promised Tony,” he thought as he glared at the water, and he glanced back in fear as he thought he heard the growling of the giant cats not far behind. “I gotta go.” then he marched into the water, sticking to where he remembered the shallow area to be. He knew if he died, at least it would be an accident, and not death at the hand of a tribute.

The waves crashed against him, causing him to lose balance and nearly lose himself in the water on more than one occasion. Every inch of his body seared with pain and tears leaked down his cheeks. This was the first time he had honestly ever felt scared about this whole situation. Like, scared for his own life.

He dragged himself slowly up onto the cornucopia, coughing any water out of his lungs. He knew it was risky, but now he was separated from those wild beasts. Surely they wouldn’t try to swim the vicious water. Cats didn’t like water, right? He took a deep breath and then slowly got to his feet and looked over the cornucopia. He didn’t want to be greedy, but he needed to see if he could find bandages. As long as he had bandages, then at least he might not bleed out completely. He knew he shouldn’t stay out in the open too long, but he began searching for bandages. He felt like his vision was becoming foggy, and this concerned him more than anything, because he didn’t want to end up with a fever and die. Not yet. He’d made a promise.

“Is this how you want me to die!? It’s so boring!” Alec shouted up at the sky, squinting as the rain pelted his skin. “doesn’t seem like your style!” he wondered if the game makers could hear him. Most likely they’d just ignore him.

He never found bandages, but he did find duct tape among the mass of items. He knew he couldn’t put the duct tape on his skin, but he ripped off what was left of his sleeves, using his knife carefully, and also tore his pants just below the knee, and used all that cloth as a makeshift bandage, and taping it down firmly so it would hopefully stop the bleeding. He winced and then quickly went to sit down, feeling exhaustion slowly coming over his entire body. He was so ready to go home now. Even the cold atmosphere of his family’s home would be a welcome sensation to this battle field.

“I’m almost there, Tony,” he muttered. “I’ll make you proud, okay? I think if I can survive a Career, and some panthers, I can survive to the end of this.” he sat quietly, watching the storm rage around him. He knew soon he’d be back on his feet, fending off some tribute, or another kind of evil, but for the moment...he wanted to breathe. He needed to breathe. He glanced at his arm that had been torn by the teeth of the panther and he winced a bit. He had a feeling that arm would never be the same. Well, none of him would ever be the same. But he was just lucky enough to escape all of this, and go home. He knew it. He had to believe it.

“I want to go home…” he whispered. He missed the fields, and the warmth, and even the work. He’d never take anything for granted ever again if he could just...see it again. And he had to apologize to Tony’s family for letting him down. But not now, no. He couldn’t think about it now. Right now, he had to concentrate, because he wasn’t sure when the next enemy would be thrown at him.
Round 3: Storm
My entry for :iconthehungergamesoct:

Basic summary -

-Alec mourns Tony's loss briefly. He's still suffering from a stab wound to the left shoulder and cut on the left arm.
-He is given a medium food item. (I used my sponsorship points for this)
-He finds water and then runs into panthers. He makes a run for it, eventually is caught. He sustains a wound to his right arm, still usable but will become serious if left untreated, and has injured at least two ribs from the fall he took.
-He then traveled to the cornucopia to try and find help. He almost drowns, but barely makes it, and only takes duct tape to try and patch himself up with pieces of his uniform to press against the wounds to stop the bleeding.
-He is sad and broken up over Tony's loss, but is using that loss to propel himself forward in order to win the Games.

And that's about it. My poor baby. He had some serious cats to deal with. He probably has a number of bruises alongside all the more serious injuries.

I hope he makes it :heart:


Jill Hope
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I have two tumblr blogs. One is fandom based: thesassyfletchkiss
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Also! I may not always go to your page and thank you for a fave, but trust me. I'm so, so, so grateful for your faves and such. <3 I just some times don't have time to thank all the lovely people for the faves. However, I will always respond to a comment! So leave your comments and such. :'D Thanks for everything, dA community <3

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So, as many may know due to my entries, I'm a dedicated character player in the amazing :iconthehungergamesoct: and recently a poll has been submitted and I would love your votes on my character, Alec Watt! The votes will go towards points for my character, so he can get items like food, and possibly even massive items like weapons in the future, if he earns enough. I'd appreciate your support!
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