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I was tagged by StoryRPArt to do a fact thingy, but I forgot to copypaste the whole thing and I'm lazy, so I just got the questions. The point of this thing is to answer the questions they gave in their journal, and then I'm supposed to come up with my own questions but omg my brain function is low due to exhaustion, so feel free to just...reuse these questions. if you want to. I'm not tagging anyone, but if you feel so inclined, just do it. Do the Dew.

1. What's currently your favorite song and why?

Probably...Blank Space by TSwift or Ready to Run by One Direction. I'm completely unashamed. I live for pop music.

2. Top three favorite words?

Rubbish. Pants. Chaos.

3. If there was one fictional universe you would rewrite, which one would it be and why?

Rewrite? Good lord, I don't think any fictional universes I love could be rewritten- oh, you know what? Actually I'd rewrite The Deathly Hallows and make sure both Weasley twins made it out alive ok. No dying on me. No dying on each other. No dying.

4. Which art piece are you most proud of right now?

Um, idk if I'm proud of any at the moment. I'm trying really hard to be positive about my work, but it's not easy lately.

5. What made you start drawing/writing/painting/etc.?

After reading the Lord of the Rings and seeing the movies, I was inspired. I always hated writing before because I felt like it was so much work, but the Lord of the Rings taught me that writing is imagination and inspiring and beautiful, and I don't have to be afraid to do whatever I want. Thank you Tolkien.

6. If there's a project you have started on/want to start on, whether artistic or some big community thing, what is it and what gave you the idea for it?

I have been trying to complete and publish a novel for like. three years now. Every time I think I'm close, I hate something about it and can't continue. I'm my own worst enemy.

7. Your favorite kind of gift?

Food. Literally, just buy me a meal, people.

8. What's your favorite season and why?


9. Your favorite OC that you've created? Why?

Ummmmmmmmmm. Goodness, I have so many tho. Probably my Harry Potter OC Curtis Hodgkiss. He's a Gryffindor and he's got a lot of things that happen throughout his life that I've gotten to write out and RP with friends that made me really close to him. He always comes out on top, though, thanks to the love of his life.

10. Your favorite memory?

I'm not really sure LOL so, that's awkward.
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Jill Hope
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I love cosplaying, but I haven't done it in two years. I really miss it and want to return to it. Probably will try to next year.

I'm currently in school. Graduating with an associates degree this year.

And I'm trying to finish a novel and get published. So, there's me.

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HopefulCloud - Morke left her interview as soon as she could. She was holding her heels, since she couldn't stand to walk in them anymore, and she stood in the elevator as it brought her up to the ninth floor. She had looked around for Tyrone briefly after her interview, and now she was seeking him out. She wanted to see how he was, since his interview she went up to his door and knocked. "Tyrone? You in there?"

MisterStevens - By the time the interviews were over, Tyrone had managed to stagger back to his personal rooms, wipe off the rest of his makeup, and remove most of his sparkly, glittery attire so that he was left in only soft underclothes and the lightly blackened rims of his eyes where the last smudges of liner clung stubbornly. At Morke's knock he looked up from his fascinated stare into an amber-filled glass and mustered up the will to call out, "'S open," before dropping his head to rest on the cool surface of the table.

HopefulCloud - Morke raised an eyebrow and turned the handle and stepped inside. She tossed her high heels aside and then approached him and looked at the alcohol in his glass, then she promptly sat down, in an rather unlady-like fashion, and poured herself a glass as well. "Is this how you're spending your evening then? Getting completely smashed?" she asked as she looked at him. "Are you that scared?"

MisterStevens - Tyrone watched a bit stunned as Morke came and sat next to him. He couldn't tell whether it was her stunning good looks that made him stare, or the hope that, as she poured herself a drink, she would follow him into a drunken stupor as well. He sipped his drink morosely. "I hate this," he whined. "I want to go home." His words came out too slurred though, and he leaned rather clumsily on Morke's shoulder as though that would transmit the meaning of whatever he couldn't say.

HopefulCloud - Morke sipped the drink cautiously, she had never been fond of alcohol really, but she felt like maybe it would take the edge off, or something. "So do I," she said with a small shrug and then she looked at him. "You never really told me about Tiff before. She sounds like a delight."

MisterStevens - Tyrone made a small sweet noise at the mention of Tiff, and set his drink down for a moment so he could wrap his arms around Morke like a particularly weepy octopus. "She's 'mazing," he mumbled, teary-eyed. "Love her. Love you. Both fighters, winners." He went "pow-pow" quietly, with a little twitch of his arms like he was trying to mime boxing without letting go of his impromptu pillow.

HopefulCloud - Morke smiled a little and patted his head. "Well, I guess I've always been a fighter," she said softly. "You kinda remind me of my boyfriend back home, too. He's soft and squishy and too kind for the world. Like you."

MisterStevens - Tyrone mumbled a bit sadly against Morke's shoulder, curling up a little closer next to her. "He seems like a nice guy. I wish he could be here for you. 'Stead of me." He sniffled.

HopefulCloud - Morke glanced at him and then chuckled a bit. "I don't mind that it's you instead of him," she said simply. "He wouldn't look half as good in a dress." she was trying to keep the conversation light, but it was difficult with the Games hanging over their heads.

MisterStevens - That got a laugh out of him, and a blush, though it was hardly noticeable from how much he'd been drinking. Morke's humor was - it was nice. He couldn't remember the last time he'd been so sad he couldn't bring himself to joke, but now it had come. But if Morke could make him laugh, things couldn't be that bad, right? He tried a smile. "Oh, I don't know. Dresses look great on everyone! I bet the stylists here could find something to flatter his figure."

HopefulCloud - "Fair enough," Morke said with a nod. "I guess the Capitol would be the place to find a dress for anyone." she tilted her head as if she was thinking about it. "Although I wouldn't want him to look better than me, and he might. He's cute, after all." she shook her head and then she looked at him. "Are you going to be alright, though? I'm worried about you."

MistersStevens - Alcohol was making Tyrone more giggly than usual, so it took him a bit to register Morke's worry. When he did, he tried to wave it off. "Noo, no, I'll be fine! Ambrosia heals all wounds..." He fluttered a hand in the direction of the near-emptied bottle, though he made no move to drink it. "What about yourself? You should be preparing, not getting smashed with me, you'll hurt your chances..."

HopefulCloud - Morke glanced at the alcohol and then looked at him and patted his arm gently. "Well, I'm not getting smashed," she chuckled a bit. "Having a sip of something isn't getting smashed. But...if you wanted to talk, that's all. I just wanted to be here for you. Count yourself lucky, because I don't do this for most people."

MisterStevens - Tyrone went rather misty-eyed at Morke's words, and smiled. Then he leaned in and kissed her. "Thanks," he mumbled. "I think I just needed to be drunk for a while. I'll be fine." He gazed at her softly, pleasantly floating and happy to see her, for a short while. "Any plans for tonight? I mean, I don't want to keep you from preparing."

HopefulCloud - She gave him a gentle kiss back and then she waved her hand. "Aside from not getting any sleep and thinking about how I probably won't ever see my son again? No, no plans," she sighed and then let her hair down from the tight up do it had been put into by the stylist. "I hope you don't have a bad hangover tomorrow, that's all. I'm sure that wouldn't help with the whole...getting out of danger thing we're going to have to be doing." she smiled a bit and then put her hand on his leg. "I want you to survive for Tiff, you know."

MisterStevens - Tyrone laughed again, though it wasn't funny at all. "Thanks. For the thought, at least." He watched Morke sappily, saw how the light hit her hair and how it fell down in waves that still half-held their shape from being on top of her head. "You have to people to live for too, Morke. A family. If it comes down to it, you know? Fuck me. Go home."

HopefulCloud - Morke rolled her eyes and looked at him directly. "We all have to try to go home, don't we? That's the whole point," she said. "And I don't want you to give up just because you think other people have more to live for." she wanted to desperately go home, of course, but she might just have to accept that Tox would be the only one to raise Triste. It broke her spirit a bit, but it might very well be the truth unless she found the strength in her to win this.

MisterStevens - Tyrone whined pitifully, because Morke was right. Maybe he was fucked. Maybe the thought of killing or abandoning someone to their death made his skin crawl, because that's what he'd have to do. But what would Tiff say if he went down without a fight? Begged for a quick death? Didn't he love her? Wouldn't he tear the world down for her, and she'd do the same for him? He grit his teeth, resolute but soon sighed. "I don't want to hurt you."

HopefulCloud - "I won't let you hurt me," Morke said simply. "Trust me." and she didn't want to be apart of his death, either. That's why she wanted to be alone in the arena, so she wouldn't have to feel guilt and shame for killing people she had actually come to care for. So their deaths would be somewhat of a mystery to her, but she knew that was likely not going to happen. "I don't know what's going to happen, but I know I won't go down without a fight. With whoever gets in my way, I suppose."

MisterStevens - That sounded ominous, but Tyrone felt comforted nonetheless. Morke was wonderful, and lovely, and sweet. And scary in a way that made Tyrone feel secure - if not in himself, then in her. "You're so strong." He smiled. "Thanks. For everything, you know? Sorry I'm such a wreck." He laughed, because he felt like that was all he could do right now. It was better than crying, at least.

HopefulCloud - Morke put an arm around his shoulders and then she just looked at him and nodded. "I didn't think I'd get anything good out of these Games, but I met you. And other people that I would never have met otherwise," she said as she kissed his cheek. "So, maybe it wasn't all bad, even if what's to come next is the real trial."

MisterStevens - Tyrone hummed optimistically and curled up automatically against Morke's side, happy to cuddle. "Yeah.  People are great, aren't they? Well, maybe not the gamemakers. Or the peacekeepers. But they're just doing their jobs." He flapped a hand. "Whatever. I'm glad you're here."

HopefulCloud - Morke wasn't sure she agreed with Tyrone about the peacekeepers or gamemakers. They might "just be doing their jobs" but they were cruel and inhuman and willingly turned a blind eye to the pain throughout the districts. They weren't good people. Morke didn't think most people were good, anyway. "I don't know about that," she said. "I don't really trust most people. Like I said, you're lucky, but yeah. I'm glad we're here, too."

MisterStevens - Tyrone nodded vaguely, figuring he was probably talking out of his ass anyway, and Morke was more sensible about trusting people than he cared to be. A warm silence fell over him. It made him feel secure, her being here, as well as the arm around his shoulders. For this moment he could pretend he was home, with someone he loved, in the most sublime comfort of an embrace. The terror of the arena looming in the future - why, that was just another workday! The end of which he could come back to a familiar face, a warm embrace, and as many kisses as he could dream of. That was a lot, honestly. But by the time Tyrone had explored all the minute details of his fantasy, he was fast asleep.

HopefulCloud - Morke was surprised when she realized he was asleep. She smiled a bit, though, because he deserved to rest. He needed to rest. They both did, really, and she felt a little frightened of the next time they would see each other. She sighed heavily and then she slowly got up and assisted Tyrone in getting to his bed, barely waking him in the process somehow (well, she is a mom after all) and she gave his cheek a kiss before she turned to leave. She hoped whatever happened in there, that it would be painless for Tyrone. She found that she cared too much about him to even consider anything else. Then with that, she slipped away to her own apartment so she could check on Connel and then get some sleep. Or perhaps not, since the Hunger Games was busy preying on her mind.
Love me like you do
Just a little Morke and Tyrone before the Hunger Games. Sobs. Here we go, people. Into the end.


Tyrone belongs to misterstevens
Morke sat on the couch and watched the training scores on the large television in the lounge area of the penthouse. Connel sat next to her, smiling at the screen any time he saw the decent scores of his friends as they went by, and their mentor and escort spoke throughout it about the scores and the districts and all sorts of things that Morke wasn’t listening to. She just wanted to see her score, but she knew it wouldn’t be half as good of a score as District 1 or 4.

“Seven,” she said, her voice falling as hard as a rock in the room. She was disappointed and angry with herself. Of course she wasn’t impressive. She should have tried to show her fighting skills, or how hard she can punch, or something. Berry picking was barely a skill, even if most might not be able to identify them as well as she could.

“At least it’s better than a six,” Connel piped up. “But you know, your score isn’t everything-”

Morke got up and walked to her room, slamming the door behind her and sitting down on her bed. She put her head in her hands and wanted to cry, but for some reason she was just too angry and her anger was drying up her tears.

She knew her score wasn’t everything, she knew she could prove her strength in the arena, but she also knew this probably meant she wouldn’t get much in terms of support from the Capitol.

Then the door opened and she saw her mentor walking in. God, she didn’t want to talk to anyone right now. “Go away,” she said firmly, although her voice wavered slightly.

“Morke,” Gina said as she tilted her head a bit. “This isn’t the end for you. You’ve still got the interview to prove to the Capitol that you’re worth watching.”

Morke glanced up at her and then she glanced aside and blankly stared at a corner of the room. Her thoughts focused on the interview now and what she might have to say to convince the Capitol that she was worthwhile and interesting and perhaps just dramatic enough for the lot of them.

“I guess,” she said softly. “What will I have to say? What can I do?”

Gina shrugged. “It depends on what the interviewer asks, Morke, but hopefully if you bring up your son and talk about him as lovingly as you do then you’ll surely win over the hearts of the crowd,” she said. “You’re the only tribute with that ace up your sleeve, you know. You need to use everything you have in order to win.”

Morke bit her lower lip as she considered the only useful advice her mentor had given her. She figured this was probably her best bet, talking about Triste and about being a mother. Wouldn’t they want her to get home safely and see her son again? And she would be the last tribute to speak that night, so the sparkle and ferocity of the Careers would be forgotten by the time they heard her sadness over being far from her son.

She sat up a bit straighter, determination lining her face now. “Okay,” she said with a firm nod. “Yes, I can do that.” she was positive she could handle this now, as long as she kept Triste in mind. He would give her strength she didn’t have on her own.

Once she had set her mind on what to do, on what angle to take, she was being outfitted for her interview. She didn’t usually enjoy putting on the constricting outfits that the Capitol seemed to be famous for, but she was kind of excited when she saw the elegant gowns that her stylist showed her.

“Something black and grey will suit you, I think. With the sequences and sparkles that’ll really brighten it and make you look perfect in the spotlight,” the stylist explained in a giddy tone.

“Isn’t black and grey a little dull?” Morke asked as she furrowed her brow and looked at the floor length gown with deep V cut down the front that the stylist was showing her.

“Not with all the sparkle~” the stylist said with a wink.

“If you’re sure,” Morke said with a grimace as she slipped the dress on so she could make sure that it fit properly. “I suppose you know best.”

The stylist tsked. “Don’t grimace, darling. It’ll make you look terribly ugly on stage,” she said as she chuckled and then gestured to the mirror. “Look at yourself. You’re lovely.”

Morke took a long moment to look at herself in the mirror and she even managed a smile as she looked at herself. The dress was sleek and it hugged her figure perfectly and the sparkles did make her glow, just as the stylist said.

“I told you,” the stylist crooned happily.

Morke smiled a bit. “I’ll kill the crowd, won’t I?” she said with a soft chuckle. She hoped so, anyway. She was pinning all of her hopes on winning over the Capitol, after all.

It was all she had left now, aside from her ability to fight through the arena.
You're gonna be popular
You're gonna be popular!
I'll teach you the proper poise
When you talk to boys
Little ways to flirt and flounce
I'll show you what shoes to wear
How to fix your hair
Everything that really counts~"

So, this is just the pre-arena stuff. Like her being angry at her scores, finding her strength again, and then getting her gown. I like to think that it's very red carpet-y style. Floor length gown, Grey that fades to black, with sparkles all over. It has a deep V in the front and low back, and it's form fitting, etc. It's the first time she's ever felt fabulous, really.

So, idk what else to say about it. She's nervous but she's as ready as she'll ever be!


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