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July 22, 2011
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The Torrent's Pastime by HopefulCloud The Torrent's Pastime by HopefulCloud
Just a quick picture of Aveneil doing his favorite thing. Manipulating water. It's something he'll do constantly if he has water near him, usually not in large scale unless he's being confronted or in training. He figures that his constant manipulation of water is giving him practice everyday for when it'll really count.

And on top of that...I lightened his hair color. For some reason every time I looked at him with the black hair I just thought it was too...harsh on him. So I made it a dark brown color. I think it suits him a lot better.

And his necklace is floating because I think it's an ability amplifier which was given to him by a family member who possessed the same ability, and it was passed down to him. I don't really know much about him yet, because he's rather secretive, but it makes it more exciting to learn it little by little.
Aveneil belongs to me~
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